This round will run thru Sunday, January 24th...

 The next round will then start on Monday, January 25th and run thru Sunday, February 14th, returning to 3 week rounds...

The current round will run thru Monday, February 29th...
 The next round will begin on Tuesday, March 1st and run thru Sunday, March 27th, adding afew extra days for spring break...
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Welcome to Austin Tennis Net!

The Austin Tennis Net (ATN) is a non-profit, local run network of tennis players.

Match play includes a singles ladder, a weekend singles ladder, and a doubles ladder.

Play consists of two matches a round with the results determining placement for the next round.

Players are encouraged to join and withdraw as their schedule permits.


2015 Hit For Hope Team Charity Tournament - Registration Open

Signup is underway for our 2015 Hit for Hope Team Charity Tournament


How to Join

ATN has over 1200 active members, with players ranging from ex-college players to newbies

For more information check out our 'FAQs' page or contact us through the 'Contact ATN' link above

Click here to create an account and join

ATN is open to those that know and play by The Rules of Tennis, The Code of Tennis, and the Ladder Rules.



Austin HS courts are available to the public on a first come - first served basis with the lights available thru a one hour timer until 10:15pm.

Please check the front bulletin board (or click the link below) for information about League usage - when and which courts will be used. (5/15/15)


Austin HS Court Information - May & June



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